Información adicional sobre la BMW S1000XR (2020- )

La nueva S1000XR no deja espacio para las criticas. La perfecta combinación de deportividad con desempeño hace que la S1000XR sea el vehículo perfecto para los perfeccionistas. Está equipada con ESA dinámico, cuenta con modo de manejo Pro, DTC, asistente de arranque en pendiente y ABS Pro, la S1000XR no deja nada a desear. El placer al conducir se incrementa, ya que la nueva S1000XR es 10kg mas ligera que su predecesora, el conductor podrá notar también una mejor aceleración, distancias de frenado mas cortas y mas agilidad.
La deportividad de la XR y la excelente ergonomía del modelo touring con una postura de manejo mas cómoda son solo algunas características de la nueva XR. Se mejoro la aerodinámica del carenado, mejorando también el ruido del viento. EL parabrisas ajustable también muestra lo divertido que puede ser conducir sin la turbulencia sobre el casco.

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In order to complement the fairing of the S1000XR 2020 effectively and sensibly, it is worth taking a look at our carbon or GRP products: There you will certainly find what you are looking for between mudguard extensions and air deflectors. For safe installation of the products, you are guaranteed to be on the right track with the suitable Torx key, Allen key or torque wrench and socket wrench set. In the same category, practical aids for the next tour with the BMW S1000XR 2020 are also waiting for you, such as the Dynaplug tire repair kit and the multitool. If you would like to equip your motorcycle with a new windscreen, you have the choice between a touring screen or the V-Stream. The National Cycle windshield cleaner ensures a perfect view at all times. The S1000XR can be further highlighted with rim stripes or decor strips. Since the long-distance capability needs to be fully exploited, a tank bag and top case as well as a handlebar bag are required. Of course, the seat should also exactly meet your expectations. There are also practical and functional accessories, such as vibration-damping grip puppies or cleaners and polishes. It is important to prevent wear in good time: engine oils, brake discs and battery pole fat are just the right things to do. Protection on the one hand and increased comfort on the BMW S1000XR 2020 on the other, that is what the aluminium cooler screen or the shift lever extension stand for. A good navigation system is essential, especially on longer journeys, but not only. Find the right navigation device for you, including a GPS mount. LED fog lights provide additional safety, while the LED fairing turning signals are a visual highlight to the motorcycle.